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5 Cute Star Wars Creatures That Will Melt Your Heart

New images of the upcoming 8th movie in the Skywalker storyline, Star Wars: The Last Jedi were recently released, which introduced new cute Star Wars creatures called Porgs. RELATED: Our Top 5 Favourite Star Wars Women The reveal of these new cute Star Wars creatures made us look back at some of the other adorable creatures from […]

Disney Princesses Ages: How Old Were They?

Many of us grew up watching Ariel wanting to be part of Prince Eric’s world, Aladin taking Jasmine on a magic carpet ride, or wishing we also had seven dwarves as friends like Snow White. But have you ever wondered what the real Disney princesses ages were? You might be surprised to find out what […]

All Of The Disneyland Parks Around The World

The Disneyland Parks have been bringing happiness to people around the world since the Disney Parks started opening magical gates back in the late 1950s. RELATED: How Different Disney Movies Are Connected Here are all the Disneyland Parks you can visit around the world. Disneyland Resort – California, USA Officially known as Disneyland Resort, it is […]

5 Words Added To The Dictionary Thanks To Pop Songs

Pop songs have catchy tunes and phrases that get stuck in your head. Pop songs are so popular, in fact, that they are responsible for making up words that were then added to the dictionary. They are also responsible for resurrecting old words and giving them new meanings. RELATED: The Perfect Morning Music Playlist According To […]

Your Vintage Toys Could Be Worth A Ton

It’s time to dig up all those vintage toys you’ve been saving for no reason or to secretly cuddle when you’re sad because they could make you money. Mobile games like Pokémon GO and the release of reboots of classics like Ghostbusters have made people nostalgic. Some people’s nostalgia has lead to them spending a […]

10 Ways LEGO Is Educating You And The Kids

LEGO has been used as the building blocks for our imaginations since the 1950s. It is the preferred toy as it is believed to promote creativity, encourage you to use your fine motor skills, and LEGO is considered as a highly educational toy. RELATED: Kids Review The Latest Skylanders Imaginators There are many reasons to play with […]

10 Of The Most Famous Fictional Weapons

Fictional weapons deliver devastating blows, making the villains or heroes who wield them some of the most bad ass characters of all time. RELATED: Some Of The Most Iconic Stan Lee Cameos These are 10 of the most famous fictional weapons of all time. Voldemort’s Wand One of the most dangerous fictional weapons is Voldemort’s wand. This […]

Our Top 5 Favourite Star Wars Women

The world lost a true legend when Carrie Fisher passed away just before the end of last year. Many fans mourned her loss, especially Star Wars fans who regarded her iconic Princess Leia Organa as one of the best Star Wars women to ever grace our screens. RELATED: RIP Carrie Fisher: Our 5 Favourite Princess Leia […]

Some Of The Most Iconic Stan Lee Cameos

Stan Lee is the 94-year-old legend responsible for some of the most marvelous comic book characters ever created. As part of celebrating the man behind characters like Spider-Man, The Hulk, and Iron Man, Stan Lee cameos have become a standard in Marvel movies since the late 80s. RELATED: The Famous Faces Behind Iconic Disney Characters Here […]

5 Longest Running TV Shows Still Going Today

Some of the longest running TV shows have been entertaining us ever since we can remember. The first TV show premiered all the way back in 1928 and since then many shows have come and gone. But some of the longest running TV shows have stood the test of time and critics. You probably grew […]
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