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UPDATE: Gordhan loses the battle but wins the war

Pravin Gordhan may have lost the battle in having the court declare him not empowered to intervene in bank-client relationships, but ultimately won the war.

Trio sentenced to 95 years for VAT fraud

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) is hailing a court judgement which saw three men convicted of VAT fraud sentenced to 95 years in prison.

BREAKING NEWS: Guptas' Oakbay beats Gordhan

Former minister of finance Pravin Gordhan has lost his case against the Gupta-family owned company Oakbay.

Guptas sue Bank of Baroda

Companies forming part of the Gupta-owned Oakbay Group started litigation against the Bank of Baroda after it said it would be closing the company's accounts.

WC Metrorail to spend more than a billion to fix system

Metrorail has promised to spend more than a billion over the next 24 months to get vandalised coaches operational again and to secure its infrastructure.

Public Protector loses to SARB in court appeal

The public protector suffered her first court action loss when the North Gauteng High Court ruled against her remedial action to change SARB's mandate.

Bird flu hits the Western Cape

An outbreak of bird flu has been detected on two ostrich farms in the Western Cape.

NGO calls on suspended mines to provide social grants

Bench Marks Foundation has called on mines entering a state of suspension to establish a system of social grants to support the mineworkers being retrenched.

SA dodges Moody's downgrade bullet

South Africa dodged a ratings downgrade bullet on Friday when credit ratings agency Moody's chose not to release a ratings review as expected.

Moody's may look favourably on Zuma staying

Economists believe that Jacob Zuma surviving the no confidence motion may positively effect Moody's decision on whether to further cut SA's credit rating.
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